GPS for Social Good

GPS for Social Good

Gudsy1 is a GPS for your social good journey, it helps you discover and research social causes, plan and budget your contributions, gives you options for greater impact, and updates you with progress.

1Gudsy (like good-see), blending 'good' and 'gutsy', embodies the qualities of those committed to social good.

Navigating Social Good

Imagine a world where supporting social good is seamless, impactful, and interconnected. Gudsy is poised to make this vision a reality

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Individual Focused

Designed to meet the needs of individuals.

DC metro pilot will launch in the third quarter of 2024.

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Discover and stay informed about your favorite nonprofits.

Icon of a paper and calculator


Budget and plan your support with our simple giving options.

Icon of a multiplier


Multiply your impact with workplace incentives, and brand offers.

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Make connections and join communities for collective social good.

Illuminating your pathway

Imagine a world where illuminating your pathway is all you need to sustain support for your social good cause, Gudsy is poised to be that beacon for your nonprofit!

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Nonprofit Focused

Designed to sustain support for nonprofits.

DC metro pilot will launch in the third quarter of 2024.

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Showcase your cause and share updates.

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Sustain ongoing support with easy campaigns.

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Take Charge

Plugin your Stripe/Paypal and take charge of your fundraising.

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Share regular updates tailored to your audience.

Charting shared pathways

Imagine a world where you and your employees discover shared pathways for giving back and transforming communities. Gudsy aims to be your companion on that journey.

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Workplace Focused

Designed to ignite a workplace culture of purpose.

DC metro pilot will launch in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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Foster shared ownership of CSR initiatives.

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Ignite team passions and talents for the shared CSR goals.

Three hands


Rally employee action with matching grants.

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Cultivate creative problem-solving through social good.

Expanding your reach

Imagine a world where your brand uplifts communities and elevates social good. Gudsy aims to be the amplifier, to expand your reach.

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Brand Focused

Designed to artfully blend brand marketing with purpose.

DC metro pilot will launch in the first quarter of 2025.

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Connect your brand to social causes anywhere.

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Streamline outreach to your preferred audience.

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Reward contributions to the causes you champion.

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Expand your market and your social impact.

Get Early Access

Get early access to Gudsy and be among the first to explore our features. Your feedback will help shape the future of our platform! As a thank you, active participants will receive exclusive discounts and limited edition swag.